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LA Girl HD Pro Concealer Review

Hello, Girls!

The outline is super high, isn’t it? The releases do not stop. L.A. Girl has a concealer in pen, stick, powder, creamy, pasty, liquid etc. Today I am writing a review about the LA Girl HD Pro Conceal High-definition concealer by LA Girl Cosmetics that I have used and liked a lot.


The LA Girl Cosmetic is one of those foreign brands, but nothing expensive, see! They are those super cheap, super affordable and with gringa quality. The range of colors of the L.A. girl HD pro concealer is huge and meets almost all skin tones, including the colors to disguise pimples, dark circles, spots, melasmas, etc.

To make the “Kardashian” effect I bought Porcelain and Toast colors for contouring and lighting.


Its texture is very creamy. As soon as you pass you feel that it does not dry completely. Not creamy, but not crackle either. It has a dry, semi-matte feel to the skin. Do you understand?

But you need a little dust to seal and leave the correction in place without it losing coverage throughout the day, because it transfers a little yes.


The coverage is very good by LA Girl HD Pro Concealer High-definition concealer. The smell is a little strong, it seems like ointment to beat, you know ?! but nothing that can interfere with the result and it disappears after a while.

I didn’t think it marks the lines below the eyes and it doesn’t accumulate either. You can see a very beautiful finish and little product (with a very thin layer). The dosing nozzle of the package is the highlight of this concealer, as it is the applicator itself. Great that prevents waste. Just squeeze the tube and the L.A girl HD pro concealer comes out between the bristles. You can apply directly to the skin by drawing the outline.


Product information of L.A. girl HD Pro Concealer:

I liked the concealer! It covers well, illuminates and has very good fixation. Having a creamy texture, I thought it was difficult to spread and achieve a good result, but no, it was easy and did not drag or accumulate the product. I used the wet sponge for a better result, of course.


Overall, they do their job well, I like the contour technique. Super approved! I’m super addicted to this technique and I don’t live without it anymore.

You can find LA Girl Cosmetics products on the brand’s own website and at Cosmetize which is one of the Authorized sellers of the L.A. Girl Cosmetic products. Its price is that is worth it, never ever compromise on quality of product because the prices are not more than your skin! Are you going to buy L.A Girl Pro Concealer? You are already using it? Did you like it? Tell me! I would love to see your review whether you are a new user, or you are already using it. If you have a question or you want us to write about any other product by L.A write us in the comments section.

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